General Manager Moore moves to CEO

This week Soniqs has moved General Manager Darren “Tribizzle” Moore to the CEO position. Moore has been the General Manager for Soniqs since the organization’s inception in 2019.

With a background in professional sports, Moore left England to pursue an esports career in America. After working alongside Timothy “Trick2G” Foley, Moore joined Team Gates in 2014 as a Manager. When the organization disbanded in 2019, Moore was hired as a General Manager for the newly formed Soniqs.

Since then, Moore has gone on to build multiple championship-winning rosters, including a global title when Soniqs’ PUBG team won PGI.S in 2021. Moore also played a pivotal role in the partnerships with Intel and ViewSonic which the organization started last year. While Moore will no longer serve as the General Manager of the organization, he will still play a large role in its daily operations.

“I’m excited to take on a bigger leadership role within the Soniqs,” said Moore. “But I still intend to work closely with our teams and partners on a weekly basis.”

With teams in PUBG, VALORANT, Rocket League, Rainbow Six Siege and World of Warcraft, the Soniqs have grown a considerable amount since its founding three years ago. Headquartered in Philadelphia with multiple facilities in Las Vegas and Pennsylvania, the organization is aiming to be a leading esports brand on the East Coast.

“Stepping into the CEO role will allow me to serve Soniqs’ partners and teams more deeply,” said Moore. “Stay tuned as we have more exciting news about our facilities and rosters planned this year.”

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