Joe Reyes voted NAL Coach of the Year

This week Soniqs’ Rainbow Six Siege head coach, Joe “Jobro” Reyes, has won the NAL Coach of the Year award. The award was voted on by North American professional players and talent across the league.

As a long-time participant in North American Rainbow Six Siege esports, Reyes has been in the scene longer than most. He began serving the community as a Rainbow6 Twitch moderator and a SiegeGG statistician before going on to co-produce a fantasy esports experience for Siege fans called Project Prisma.

He first joined the Soniqs as an analyst, working closely with team captain and IGL Seth “supr” Hoffman, before moving into the head coach position over the summer of 2020. When the NAL moved to Las Vegas to compete on LAN, Reyes joined the team in Las Vegas and began living there full-time in 2021.

Reyes first joined the Soniqs Rainbow Six Siege program at perhaps one of their lowest moments — the team had been relegated from the Pro League and undergone multiple roster changes in just a few months. The Soniqs were invited back to compete at the professional level giving Reyes and the team the biggest challenge yet: proving the team belonged at the highest levels of competition in North America.

The first year back in the Pro League wasn’t easy for the team. Roster struggles continued, with visa complications forcing the team to play with substitute players in the opening weeks of the season. Even when the visa issues were solved and the full roster was competing from Soniqs’ original headquarters in Harrisburg Pennsylvania, the team underperformed expectations.

When the league shifted from the Pro League to the NAL in Vegas, the Soniqs worked closely with Reyes to completely restructure their Siege program. This led to bringing in four players who had previously competed under eUnited before the team disbanded. With an unproven team, Reyes helped lead them to a top-4 placement during Stage 1 of the 2021 NAL season. This success came as a surprise to many around the league, with most people expecting Soniqs to finish at the bottom of the league.

This was only the start for the Soniqs and the team went on to become the only team in North America to finish top-4 in all three stages of the 2021 NAL season. With strong performances all three stages, the Soniqs qualified for the 2021 NAL playoffs and went on to defeat Oxygen and DarkZero to become the 2021 NAL Champions. Reyes was on stage with the team through every game of the 2021 season and worked closely with the team daily to transform a rookie roster into national champions.

A new challenge is ahead of Reyes headed into 2022, the Siege Invitational — the world championship of Rainbow Six Siege. As one of only 5 teams from North America to represent the region at the championship, Reyes and the team are looking forward to competing in this prestigious tournament. While Soniqs will face tough competition throughout the tournament, the team has one thing the other teams lack, the leadership and expertise of Reyes.

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