Soniqs PUBG - The Syllogic Perspective

PCS champions again for the 4th time, seriously, the fourth time. The final day of
matches was the day we had the chance to slam the door shut to anyone chasing our tail in terms
of points. As I sat at the edge of my chair listening to hwinn and M1ME directing the team,
Shrimzy and TGLTN following up would form a flowing cycle of communication. The energy
was at a level of which I have not heard in a long time. Something that only happens when we
are hungry, when we are dead set on closing out a win, be it a match or a tournament, do or die
even when we’re ahead.

Match 28 finishes with a massive 19 kill victory which shot us ahead of any chasing team
in the standings, redemption and a spark to ignite the double-dud start to the day. Match 30, final
match which sees us just as far ahead and the boys close out the game in sterling fashion with 10
kills, crowning ourselves as champions once again and putting the dark days behind us. I yell in
victory with every ounce of breath in my lungs knowing that we have returned to the top even
though I am muted and unable to express the passion to my boys. With the match finished, some
time before we switched channels so I could speak, time slowed down a bit and I took a trip
down memory lane of this event and PGC.

Going into the final match of the PCS6: NA Regional Playoff in 7th place was an edgy
position to be in, one position out of a direct qualification to the PCS6 Grand Finals is not a
position we were familiar with. For a team that is regularly and largely unconcerned with
anything other than a finals setting due to the unwavering ability of constantly competing for the
top, to finish outside of the direct qualification was a wake-up call for everyone on the team.
“Are we really going to have to play the last chance qualifier? We shouldn’t even be here”, is the
thought running through everyone’s heads in reaction to the new lows as a team.
Fast forward going into PCS6: LCQ and finishing in 2nd place with a more-fitting
performance worthy of a grand finals appearance, I felt a bit of relief but more than anything I
was hungry to make sure that the boys would be prepared for the grand finals, prepared to win
the entire thing and return to the PCS throne, a year since we were ever crowned champions.
Winning would mean more than just winning another championship as a return to champion
status would help close the door that was PCS5 and PGC. The constant effort to be better than
we were previously was more evident than ever. The mountains that the team has climbed
together is what keeps the team together, the process, the rebuilding and craving a return to the
top. This fueled me and kept me motivated through my preparation for the team to fix our
communication issues before the grand finals which saw me listening to 4-5 hours of comms
almost every day of the working week, scouring the depths of our comms for answers as to why
we ran into a wall of issues of our own making.

All of the hunger and effort towards this championship was primarily our results to end
2021 at PGC, a showing which we knew was not only a total fluke but a snowball-effect of every
issue that could come biting at our heels as a team. We laid out a refreshed, measured approach
to make sure we returned to winning ways in 2022. Remaining the same team since spring of
2020, staying just as hungry as we were when we won our first championship, raring to be the
best TEAM we could be, not just in performance but internally as well. The confidence within
this team isn’t just where we want it to be, but a sharp vision of the realities our team will face
keeps us looking forward, looking forward to winning.

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