Soniqs Earn Highest PGC Placement To-Date

Soniqs Esports recently concluded their journey at PUBG Global Championship 2023 (PGC 2023), marking a significant chapter in the organization's competitive history.

In a tournament that brought together elite teams from around the globe, Soniqs navigated through intense competition and secured their best placement ever in PGC. This achievement is made even more noteworthy given their recent roster changes and has made Soniqs even more eager to compete.

Qualifying through PGS Points, alongside other popular esports teams such as 17 Gaming, Twisted Minds, and Danawa e-sports, Soniqs entered the group stage. Their strong performance during this phase earned them the top spot in kills with an impressive 71 as well as securing 23 placement points, placing them 4th overall.

Transitioning to the bracket stage, Soniqs faced both triumphs and challenges. A strong Day 1 with 28 kills and 19 placement points boosted their confidence. However, Day 2 brought tougher competition, resulting in 10 kills and no placement points, landing them in 11th place. Undeterred, Soniqs approached the Last Chance Qualifiers (LCQ) with newfound vigor, claiming 1st place with 73 kills and 41 placement points, which advanced them to the Grand Finals.

Advancing to the Grand Finals, the Apex bracket of PGC 2023, Soniqs faced off against top-tier competitors, participating in 18 matches across three days. Despite the competition, they secured 11th place with 52 kills and 30 placement points.

Soniqs are happy with their placement within this year's PGC, but are far from content. This marks Soniqs furthest push into PGC yet and has left them eager and hungry for more.

Expect to see more of Soniqs PUBG throughout the coming year and stay tuned to Soniqs official Twitter for more information about when to catch them live!

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Soniqs Earn Highest PGC Placement To-Date

Soniqs Earn Highest PGC Placement To-Date

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