Soniqs Accepted As PUBG Esports Global Partner

Soniqs is proud to announce it has been selected as one of the eight teams to join the PUBG Esports Global Partner Team Program. This is a significant milestone for the organization and a testament to the hard work and dedication of its players and staff.

As a part of the program, Soniqs will have access to exclusive benefits and opportunities to further develop and sustain a competitive PUBG Esports ecosystem. The team will have a guaranteed spot in the upcoming PUBG Global Series (PGS) tournaments, allowing them to compete alongside the best teams in the world and showcase their talents on a global stage.

In addition, the partnership program will allow Soniqs to have team-branded, in-game skins, which will be unveiled during the upcoming PUBG Global Series. The organization sees this as a great way to engage with fans and give them a chance to further support their favorite team.

Soniqs has a long-standing history with PUBG, having signed its first team focused on the game in 2019. Despite changes to the roster over the years, the organization has always been committed to the game and its players. This commitment has paid off with the team winning six championships in recent years, becoming the winningest team in PUBG history.

Soniqs is always looking for ways to grow and improve and being part of the Global Partner Team Program will give it access to resources and support that will help it do just that. Soniqs are excited for the future and hopeful that this partnership will allow them to achieve even greater success in the esport.
Soniqs are thankful for the support of their fans and look forward to continuing to provide them with exciting PUBG Esports content in and out of season. Soniqs also look forward to working with the other teams and organizations in the program to help further develop the PUBG Esports scene.

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