Soniqs Esports Reaccepted as PUBG Global Partner for 2024

‍Soniqs have been reaccepted into the PUBG Global Partner Team (GPT) program for the ongoing 2024 season. Only 10 teams in the world are selected to be a part of the prestigious program, and Soniqs made the cut for a second consecutive year.

Being part of the GPT program ensures Soniqs a place in the four upcoming PUBG Global Series tournaments, providing Soniqs’ PUBG with the opportunity to compete against top-tier teams globally and showcase their skills on an international stage.

Furthermore, as part of the partnership program, Soniqs fans can anticipate the release of new team-branded, in-game skins later this year. The partnership is a reflection of Soniqs' commitment to PUBG esports and the community. 

In the previous year, Soniqs reached notable milestones, securing another global title after finishing first in PGS2 and achieving its highest placement to date in the PUBG Global Championship. In collaboration with the GPT program, PUBG released the Soniqs Set, an in-game outfit and AKM skin designed by Soniqs’ creative team.

Things changed within the team as well, after Soniqs expanded its roster with the additions of Owen "Gunner" Monahan and Matt "Kickstart" Smith.

Gunner, as a veteran coach, brings a wealth of experience and a unique perspective to the Soniqs team. With a background that spans both the gaming industry and military service, Gunner brings strategic insight honed through years of competitive gaming and leadership qualities forged in the crucible of military discipline. His dual expertise in both gaming and the military landscape contributes to a dynamic coaching approach, fostering a resilient and strategic mindset among the team members.

On the other hand, Kickstart adds a layer of versatility and skill to the Soniqs roster. Having embarked on his PUBG gaming journey in early 2018, Matt has garnered a reputation as a highly-skilled player known for his achievements across various teams. His extensive experience in the competitive PUBG scene not only brings valuable tactical knowledge but also enhances the team's overall adaptability.

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