Soniqs Esports Releases Rocket League Roster

[Philadelphia, PA] - Soniqs Esports has announced the release of their Rocket League roster consisting of Ryan "ANDYTHEMANDY" Gardner, Mitchell "Mittaen" Driessen, and Keever "Smokez" Ryan from their contracts. Soniqs conveyed their gratitude for the team's efforts and dedication while representing the organization and extended their best wishes for their future endeavors.

Seth Hoffman, General Manager of Soniqs Esports, spoke on the release of the current Rocket League roster and the organization's plan for the future, saying: "We appreciate all the hard work that Mittchell, Keever, Ario, and Ryan put in for the Soniqs during their time with us and have no doubt they will continue to have success competing in the European RLCS. At this time we have made the decision to take a step back and evaluate all options, in all regions, using our new internal rating system developed by our lead analyst Joe Reyes. We are excited for what the future may hold as we explore the next generation of talent."

While the decision to release the current Rocket League roster was not an easy one, Soniqs Esports remains committed to finding the best talent available. Soniqs are dedicated to creating a supportive and inclusive environment for all players and fans of esports and are committed to continuing their legacy of excellence in the Rocket League community.

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