Soniqs Recap

Another weekly recap you say? Don’t mind if we do! Let’s see how the teams have been doing.

Rainbow Six Siege

As promised, Soniqs R6 played a couple of very important matches against Mirage and Oxygen. In the first game, against Mirage, Soniqs fell behind early on and were struggling to keep up. Mirage had taken the lead at a 5-3 score. If the Soniqs wanted to make it to the Six Sweden Major, they needed to pick up the slack and not only catch up, but take the lead. They needed to win both this game and gain enough points in the next to reach top 4 NA and qualify for Sweden. A tall order, but the team pulled together and took that lead, losing only a single point more to Mirage. Soniqs finished out that game with an adrenaline pumping 8-6 point victory.  

Now for the second game against Oxygen. Both Soniqs and Oxygen were determined to win this game. It was back and forth throughout the entire match, but in the end, Oxygen took the lead and secured their victory. Soniqs took the loss at a 7-5 score. 

All-in-all it was an excellent week for the Soniqs, as they managed to qualify for the Six Sweden Major and are very excited to show you more of what they can do. Top 4 NA was their goal and now that they’ve successfully made that, the only way to go is up!

Keep an eye out next month when they compete in Sweden.


Nothing new for PUBG! But more to come in the near future.

But be sure to not miss them live for the PUBG Global Championship which starts on Friday, November 19th!


Break week for VALORANT. But an announcement is incoming, so keep an eye on the news page!

Rocket League

A very good week for Soniqs RL as they played in the RLCS Fall Closed Qualifiers. Up first on was a match against eUnited, which was a very close game, but one which eUnited managed to catch the game winning score. Soniqs lost to eUnited at a 3-2 score. Game two of the day against the Pittsburgh Knights went significantly more in the favor of the Soniqs! They drove their way to victory and landed themselves a 3-1 win.

With one win in the bank, Soniqs moved on to play against Integrity Esports. A game which the Soniqs came prepared to win, taking it home with a 3-1 Soniqs sided victory. The last game of the day was equally as green as the first, with the Soniqs bringing home another win at a 3-2 score a gainst Rogue.

We always love to see our favorite team win, so this week definitely was a great one in our books!

The team qualified for the Fall Regional event 2 so be sure to keep an eye out for that this Friday! 

World of Warcraft

WoW is currently on farm and working towards prepping for the next tier of content. Every week they’re completing several full clears of Mythic Sanctum of Domination and getting closer and closer to their goal of being a top 10 world first raid roster.

Keep an eye out on the Soniqs twitter for upcoming content announcements! 

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