Soniqs Recap

As another week sets for the Soniqs, they look back on what they have accomplished. Big news for Rainbow6 below! Let's check it out.

Rainbow Six Siege

In an absolute upset, this week in the North American League 2021 (NAL), the Soniqs have conquered the country and come out on top as your North American Champions!

The Finals of the NAL was fraught with tension as Soniqs faced up against their perennial rivals, Dark Zero. The first map kept us on the edge of our seats, but the Soniqs brought the first win of the finals home with a close 7-5 win.

Round two was equally if not more jaw-clenching than the first with the teams going into absolute max overtime. But the Soniqs refused to let their fans down and brought home the final win of the Championship at a 8-7 victory.

Newly crowned as conquerors of NA, the team has set their eyes once more upon International challenge as they prepare to continue forward. 


To catch up this week with Soniqs PUBG, we have a few words from the team's coach.

“12.13.2021 - Incheon, South Korea

Fast forward through weeks 2 and 3 of PGC, neither week were we able to qualify for the weekly finals. Progress has been shown through determination but actual actions in-game weren’t enough to EARN victory. The boys in terms of play were contemplating victory rather than seizing victory on their own terms. Post week 3 activities, the boys enjoyed a week-long break before settling down two days before Grand Survival to get tied into the game once again. Tonight will be the first night of scrims, followed by another night of scrims and an in-depth review to make sure we are utmost prepared for Grand Survival on thursday. 4 Matches of do-or-die WWCD PUBG, hopefully the last of its kind we are ever due to play as the format is just inherently poorly thought out, sacrificing player and team mental health and drive as competitors. I believe that we have really dug deep together as a team and are still finding new answers, but I think that no matter what happens by the end of our run in this tournament, we will emerge knowing and determined to never let a tournament slip like that again.

4 Chances to qualify for the grand finals.”


This week in Soniqs VALORANT, we saw x0tek, the team’s coach, fill in for Dizzylife during the official matches of the week. 

We have a few words from him to give you some insight into what’s coming up for the team.

“Hey everyone! This week was interesting for Soniqs, as it saw me fill in for Dizzylife during some official matches. It was fun, but I'm excited to have Dizz back in the lineup so we can show what we've been working on.

Expect some interesting new things this week. We've been working hard on some new things, both with agents and broadening our map pool. We have the NSG LAN coming up this weekend, and we're going to have some surprises for you there!”

Rocket League

Soniqs Rocket League won’t be competing until January 9th with the beginning of the Winter Season. So be sure to stay tuned for that!

World of Warcraft

Soniqs WoW team has been using the Public Test Realm to test out all of the new bosses that are coming in the next tier. They’re hard at work figuring out all of the strategies and compositions that they will need in order to make it to that World 1st Kill!

They are also continuing their grind on the live servers to get as well geared as possible. More to come from Soniqs WoW in February/March!

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As another week sets for the Soniqs, they look back on what they have accomplished. Big news for Rainbow6 below! Let's check it out.

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As another week sets for the Soniqs, they look back on what they have accomplished. Big news for Rainbow6 below! Let's check it out.


A lot of exciting things are in the works here at the Soniqs and once again we are back to bring you up to date with the latest Soniqs related news! Let’s see what the teams have been up to this week.


Another week comes to a close and the Soniqs have a chance to reflect on their performances and prepare for their upcoming competitions.