Soniqs Recap

Huge week for the Soniqs! Intel partnership has begun, and if you somehow missed it, be sure to check that post out on our news page. Now it is time for another weekly recap. Let’s see what’s going on over at the Soniqs. 

Rainbow Six Siege

Nothing to report from R6 this week. Soniqs R6 will play Thursday of this week vs Oxygen. If they succeed in winning, they will qualify for the Sweden Major, US Finals, and Invitational. 

Keep an eye out for those tournaments in November, December, and February respectively.


Nothing new for PUBG! But more to come in the near future.

But be sure to not miss them live for the PUBG Global Championship which starts on Friday, November 19th!


Break week for VALORANT. But an announcement is incoming, so keep an eye on the news page!

Rocket League

Last weekend we saw the Soniqs start off their RLCS season by playing in the Swiss style RLCS Main Event. Their first series was against Spacestation Gaming, in which they put up a good performance but couldn’t quite pull out the win, dropping the win to Spacestation at a 3-1 loss. Series two, against Rogue, we saw Soniqs show that they’re not a team to ignore and pulled off a win at a 3-2 score. Series three against G2 Esports was hard fought, but in the end, came out to a loss at a 3-1 score.

In series four of the RLCS and the Soniqs found themselves up against Charlotte Phoenix. The game was long and hard, but Soniqs proved that they have what it takes to continue onward, and picked up  the win at a 3-1 score.

Series five of the RLCS was their last as the Soniqs faced off against True Neutral in what ended as a 3-1 loss, placing them firmly in the top 10 of the first split of RLCS.

An excellent start to the season and we look forward to seeing them continue to improve as the team becomes accustomed to their new teammates. 

Be sure to keep an eye out for the RLCS Regional Event 2 closed qualifiers this weekend!

World of Warcraft

We would like to welcome World of Warcraft (WoW) into our weekly recap! As it’s been a roster that has been a part of the Soniqs for a while, we think it’s time to induct them into our news posts.

WoW is currently on farm and working towards prepping for the next tier of content. Every week they’re completing several full clears of Mythic Sanctum of Domination and getting closer and closer to their goal of being a top 10 world first raid roster.

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