Soniqs Welcome Kickstart to PUBG Roster

Soniqs Esports announces the latest addition to their PUBG roster: Matt "Kickstart" Smith. With a PUBG career dating back to early 2018, Kickstart is a celebrated and highly skilled player, known for his impressive achievements across various teams.

Kickstart's journey in the world of competitive PUBG began with Wildcard Gaming, where he embarked on a relentless climb to the top of his game. His talent and dedication paid off as he transitioned to Zenith Esports, achieving one of his most significant accomplishments by securing 2nd place in PGI.S in 2021, earning his team over $1 million in prize earnings.

Continuing his journey, Kickstart joined Oath Gaming, where he continued to thrive. Notably, he claimed victory in ESL PUBG Masters and PCS 5 Americas, adding to his list of accolades. His next challenge led him to EUnited, a top-tier competitor in the US region. During his time with EUnited, Kickstart consistently achieved top-5 finishes before making his most recent move to Luminosity Gaming.

Now, Kickstart enters a new chapter in his career by joining forces with Soniqs Esports, the winningest team in PUBG history and recent PGS2 Champions. Known as a "True Powerhouse" during his tenure with Luminosity Gaming's PUBG roster, Kickstart is widely recognized as one of the most talented players globally. Soniqs Esports anticipates a bright future with Kickstart as part of their lineup.

Get ready to watch Kickstart’s first tournament playing under Soniqs Esports at the PUBG Global Championship in November.

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Soniqs Welcome Kickstart to PUBG Roster

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