Soniqs R6 - Supr

8.17.2022 - United States
   Seth “Supr” Hoffman, Soniqs R6 celebrity, Team Captain and long-time member of the Soniqs, is calling it a career after over 15 years of competing. A career manifested by personality and competition at both the highs and lows of Siege esports, Supr made his mark, earning both the attention of fans and critics alike and taking them along for his journey to the top.
The inception of Soniqs’ efforts within Rainbow 6 esports began with the acquisition and signing of Elephant Gang: a team of free agents Goddess, Avian, Ghxst and Neptunez led by none other than Supr. From the very beginning, being the personality and leadership centerpiece, Supr took the siege competitive world by storm with his blunt and unfiltered personality, stirring up a bit of controversy here and there but never deterred to regain his platform at the top of competitive siege.
The team was eager to find its place in the esports ecosystem, finding its footing with the first step of qualifying for the North American Rainbow 6 Pro League. Through a successful stint in Season 9 of the Challenger season finishing 2nd overall, the Soniqs earned themselves a spot in the relegation match against Rise Nation, a winner-take-all, best-of-3 to determine the final team to join the top teams of North America for Pro League Season 10. What followed was the first step in the journey for what would become, the number one team in North American Siege.
   After taking Map 1 on Villa and ending the series on top on Oregon, the Soniqs earned their rightful place among the best of the best in North America, qualifying for Season 10 of NA Pro League while also qualifying for the US Nationals at the end of the year. What quickly followed this was a rocky season 10, ending in relegation and ultimately leading to a roster overhaul within the team. With the NAL quickly approaching and with the Soniqs earning an invite to participate in the NAL, the roster was rebuilt around Supr with renewed hopes of cracking the upper echelon of NA siege.
   Enter the NAL and the covid-19 pandemic, enforcing online play for the squad in which the team showed their first real signs of top-tier performance, giving teams like TSM, Spacestation and DarkZero a real run for their money but ultimately ending in the middle of the pack. Continuing on but never changing was Supr, who through streaming, vod review of other teams, and ranked gameplay, combined with his personality, netted himself not only a bigger following as a professional but cemented his place as an esports content creator for the game. With the 2020 season of NAL ending in the middle of the pack and without qualifying for major events, the team was yet again rebuilt around Supr with the acquisition of the eUnited roster, creating the best rendition of Soniqs Rainbow 6 that took the league by storm in the 2021 Season of NAL.
   Showing immediate success and silencing his critics was Supr, leading a team of what appeared to be a wildcard group of players as doubt surrounded the team preceding these events. Through two successful stages, stage 2 and 3 of the NAL, Supr and the soniqs showed regional success and qualified for two major international siege tournaments, the Six Major of Mexico and Sweden, ultimately returning with lessons learned and improvements to be made, foreshadowing a real push at the NAL title later in the year.
   With the finals arriving for the 2021 NAL season and wrapping up what was a year of competition, Supr and the Soniqs secured their trip to their biggest event yet, the 2022 Six Invitational, the world championship of siege. In front of them, unfazed and focused on finishing out the season, the Soniqs clawed their way past Oxygen Esports to face DarkZero Esports for the NAL 2021 Championship. What followed was a close-fought battle but the Soniqs ultimately came out on top, achieving the vision that both the Soniqs and Supr set out from the very beginning: becoming one of the best teams in Rainbow 6 Siege Esports.
   From facing relegation to becoming the best team in North America, the Soniqs R6 program, led by Supr overcame challenges that took an all-hands-on-deck effort through multiple roster renditions. As the last page of Supr’s long career comes to pass at the Six Major Berlin 2022, Supr looks ahead to what his future holds.

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