Another week comes to a close and the Soniqs have a chance to reflect on their performances and prepare for their upcoming competitions. Let’s see what the teams have been up to recently.

Rainbow Six Siege

This week in Rainbow Six Siege was an uneventful one, as the team is currently in the offseason after a successful start to the year.. Last that was seen by them was their 2nd place finish in the NAL Stage 1 late last month.

Behind the scenes, they’re hard at work improving to make it to make a run for first place in NAL Stage 2 which kicks off next month.


The Soniqs PUBG team had a jam packed weekend with the ESL PUBG Masters: Americas Phase 1 coming to a close. With Round 13 beginning on Friday and the Soniqs holding their 3rd place position, the team needed to pull together and get as many kills as possible in order to climb up any further. First place had a 20-point lead and by the end of the day, while we managed to pull together 21 kills and secure 2nd place, the gap between 1st and 2nd had grown to a 62-point difference with Shoot To Kill in the lead.

Round 17 began on Saturday and we started the day in 2nd place. The matches did not go as well as the team had hoped and they only managed to grab hold of 11 kills, while the other teams managed to pull together quite a few more. Due to this, the Soniqs fell to a tie for 5th place at 142 points. While 1st place was still held strong by Shoot To Kill at 226 points and 2nd place being held by Three Hundred at 151 points, 1st place seemed out of reach by this point.

Round 21 began on Sunday, and seeing as the team currently held 5th place, they had work to do. During the four matches the team picked up 18 kills which put them all the way up to 3rd at 171 points.

You can expect to see thte team back in-game again on May 14th at 6:00pm EST for PCS4. For the duration of ESL Masters Americas Zanpha, a former professional PUBG player, was subbing in for M1me. After the end of the tournament M1me has returned to the roster and will be competing with the team during PCS4.


This week, Soniqs’ VALORANT team competed in the Nerd Street Gamers: Summer Championship Qualifier. They played on both Monday and Tuesday and had four series in total. The first of the series against Noble went well, as the team came out victorious at a 2-1 match win. Day two, in the quarterfinals against Kooky Koalas the Soniqs had a very strong performance with a 2-0 victory. Both games against Kooky Koalas went quite well, with the first match on Bind being a strong 13-5 win, and the second on Icebox being a 13-4 victory.

The semifinals were a back and forth battle against SoaR. Match one on Bind Soniqs couldn’t quite take at a close 14-12 loss in overtime. Match two on Ascent was again very close, but the Soniqs took it back at a 13-11 victory. With the last match on Haven, the Soniqs had figured out their strategy for the matchup and went on to win 13-6.

With the victory against SoaR secured, the Soniqs found themselves up against Renegades once again — this time in the grand finals. In match one on Haven, Renegades reminded the team this wasn’t going to be an easy victory by taking the match at a 13-4 score. Game two on Icebox, the Soniqs responded by showing they weren’t going to take an easy loss  and put up an impressive 13-6 victory for their team. The final game of the grand finals was played on Bind and while the Soniqs performed admirably, they didn’t manage to take the champion spot for themselves and lost at a 13-5 score.

Soniqs’ 2nd place finish was enough to qualify them for the Nerd Street Gamers Summer Championship played later this summer. Despite already qualifying, you can expect the team to compete in the next Nerd Street Gamers Summer Qualifier next week starting on Monday.

Rocket League

The Soniqs Rocket League team did not play this week, but you can expect to see them play again for the RLCS Season X Spring Major which begins on May 22.

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Another week comes to a close and the Soniqs have a chance to reflect on their performances and prepare for their upcoming competitions.