Another week and another update! The Soniqs have been working hard to get to the top of the boards in the ESL Masters Finals for PUBG, the Rainbow6 NAL Stage 1, the VALORANT Pittsburgh Knights Gauntlet, and the RLCSX for Rocket League; and they’re well on their way. Let’s see what the teams have been up to this past week.

Rainbow Six Siege

The Soniqs Rainbow Six Siege team looked good going into the final week of NAL Stage 1. With an impressive win/loss ratio of 7-1, they were all but assured a top-3 spot with a shot at finishing first in the league.

The point system in Rainbow Six Siege can be a little confusing for this tournament. All games are Best of 1, which means only 1 round is played per match. The scoring system is as follows: A default win gives 3 points, a win in overtime gives 2 points and a defeat in overtime only gives 1 point. A loss gives no points unless in overtime.

Tuesday the team faced off against Beastcoast on the Oregon map and won 7-2. This was the first of three important matches.

On Wednesday the Soniqs played XSET on the Chalet map. The team had a strong lead but unfortunately lost it. XSET managed to catch up and push into overtime. The Soniqs won the match 8-7, but with the overtime coming into play, they were not able to pick up the necessary points to secure their first place position.

Thursday was the third and final match. The team played against Mirage on the Clubhouse map. After a hard fought battle the team finished 7-2 at a loss.

The Soniqs finished Stage 1 in 2nd place and will be looking to take it up a notch in NAL Stage 2 later this summer!


This week in PUBG had a stark contrast to that of last week. This week started out very slow with the team being stuck below the 8th place marker in the first week of the ESL Masters Finals. Saturday the team broke into the top-5 by picking up 24 kills over the three games.

By Sunday the team managed to climb all the way to top-3 by picking up another 25 kills despite the slow start.

The tournament isn’t over yet and there’s still plenty of time and rounds for the team to make it to the top before it ends.

The finals finish next weekend, so keep an eye out for the next match, which will start on April 30th.


The VALORANT team had a fantastic week. They competed in the Pittsburgh Knights Monthly Gauntlet and completely dominated the competition. Game one and two against Brimstone Gaming and Reformed went smoothly, with the Soniqs winning 2-0 on both maps.

Game three against Renegades was the matchup that everyone waited for. In the previous NSG Summer Championship Qualifiers grand finals the team had lost to Renegades twice in a row.

Round one on Icebox, The Soniqs took 13-8. Round two on Haven the team lost and went 8-13. The final round on Bind was by far the closest with Soniqs taking the lead and winning at 16-14.

With that victory, the Soniqs broke the lose streak against Renegades and made it clear they are improving and gunning for a top 15 position in North America.

In the grand finals match of the tournament, Soniqs faced off against Complexity. In the first round on Icebox the teams went back and forth, both fighting for the first place position. It was a close round, but the Soniqs inched out at a 14-12 score. Round two on Ascent, the Soniqs dominated Complexity and finished it out at a 13-5 score, winning Soniqs’ first VALORANT tournament title.

Be sure to check in today for the VALORANT Nerd Street Summer Champs Qualifier.

Rocket League

The Soniqs’ Rocket League team had another slow week to finish the RLCSX Spring Season. Out of the eight matches this week in the RLCSX Regional, the team only managed to take home one win. That win came from the matchup against Volt Esports, in which they went 3-0. Other than that, there wasn’t much to report as the team finished out their spring season.The Soniqs look forward to playing more next month in the RLCSXSpring Major.

That’s it for the Soniqs this week. Check back next Monday to catch up with us again!

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