Soniqs STAFF

Dr. Eric Darr


Dr. Eric Darr always dreamed of “building a university” and he is well on his way to fulfilling his hopes and dreams.

Dr. Darr was named President of Harrisburg University by the Board of Trustees effective May 9, 2013. He previously served as interim president and prior to that, he served as a consultant to help create Harrisburg University. Eric joined the University full-time as the founding Vice President of Finance and Administration. He also has served as a member of the faculty, was Executive Vice President, and Provost.

Under his leadership, Harrisburg University’s enrollment has grown from 500 to more than 6,000 students. The University also added 33 new graduate and undergraduate concentrations and degree programs. Faculty have secured many grants and student scholarship support, throughout Dr. Darr’s term and the University’s Market Street Tower was completed, adding more classrooms and laboratory space to meet the needs of growing academic programs and enrollment.

Dr. Darr has opened two facilities and is presently securing a third. One of the new facilities is in center-city Philadelphia. And, in 2019, the University broke ground on a $100 million Health Science Education Center in downtown Harrisburg, a project Dr. Darr has spearheaded to address the growing need for healthcare professionals throughout Central Pennsylvania.

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Darren Moore


Darren Moore joined the Soniqs' as the General Manager at the organization's inception before later becoming the CEO. Prior to esports, Moore was involved in traditional sports working on player development and talent scouting at the professional level. Eight years ago, Moore began his professional career in esports by establishing teams, players, and staff. With the Soniqs, Moore is pulling from his sports and esports experience to build an analytical team to drive player recruitment and development.

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Seth Hoffman

General Manager

Seth Hoffman is a former professional player who competed at the highest levels of competition in three separate titles over a 15-year period, earning championship titles in each game. Hoffman joined the Soniqs as a player during the organizations inception, playing professionally under the Rainbow Six Siege banner for four years. In 2022 Hoffman announced his retirement from professional play and was named general manager, bringing an unparalleled amount of Esports knowledge and experience to the position.

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Luke Goodling

Director of Operations

Luke Goodling joined Soniqs after earning an undergraduate degree in Sports Broadcasting and Sports Information in 2019. As one of the first employees at the Soniqs, Goodling's role within the organization quickly grew. After working as a Social Media Manager, Goodling moved to Head of Content and eventually Director of Operations in 2022. Now, Goodling assists with the organization's day-to-day operations, working closely with partners, staff, and other external and internal stakeholders.

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Joe 'jobro' Reyes

Head Analyst

Joe Reyes served as a technical project manager and software developer in fintech and fitness technology prior to joining Soniqs. A graduate of the Milwaukee School of Engineering in 2014, Joe eventually transitioned into esports as a data analyst, after developing formulas for a Rainbow Six fantasy esports project. Crafting his own rating formulas and systems of data scouting, Joe caught the eye of the Soniqs, refining these systems further as he stepped into the head coaching position for the 2020-2021 seasons. For his efforts and achievements in the league, he earned the North American Coach of the Year accolade in 2021. Since then, Joe has served as the Head Analyst for the Soniqs, coordinating analytics and development efforts across all of its teams, while supporting players and coaches through the proactive usage of data.

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Trey Lykins

Community Manager

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Louis Turner


Louis Turner is a designer based in south London who began working in the esports industry a few years ago. His career in esports began with Lazarus where he created day-to-day visuals, developed art direction, and solidified the long-term creative vision for the brand. Outside of esports, he also worked on large projects for companies such as Chevrolet and Hockey Canada, creating event production and broadcast graphics for live events. Louis finds inspiration in fashion and music, developing these abstract and artistic motifs through his design work. Today, he oversees Soniqs’ branding, apparel, and graphic design projects.

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Makaya Loo

Content Producer & Editor

Makaya Loo originally started as a part-time video editor with Soniqs. Now over two years later, he has become a full-fledged producer and videographer working closely with all of Soniqs’ competitive rosters to build compelling content and storylines. With his past expertise working with some of the top gaming creators in the world, Makaya understands the “why” and “how” of creating professional content.

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