PUBG - 2022

Soniqs third year in the competitive PUBG scene is brought to a close with the end of its run in the PUBG Global Championship this month. Looking back at 2022, the team qualified and competed in PCS6, PCS7, PNC, and PGC and found success across the board.

PUBG Continental Series 6: Americas brought 16 teams together from all over the region to compete for a chance to qualify for PGC 2022 and a cut of the $250,000 prize pool. Week 1 started strong for Soniqs, sporting a total of 151 Points with 87 kills. Week 2 was no different, another strong showing with a total point count of 138 accompanied by 78 kills. Soniqs finished out the tournament in 1st place with 289 points, beating out YAHO by 37 points.

PUBG Nations Cup 2022 is a more informal tournament where players are chosen by their peers to represent their nation in competitive PUBG. Both Shrimzy and Hwinn were chosen to play for the United States, while TGLTN was selected for the Australian team. Team USA finished out in 9th place, while the lone TGLTN on team Australia finished out in 7th place. All-in-all a very fun tournament and a great chance to see everyone compete outside of their usual teams.

PUBG Continental Series 7: Americas was the second iteration of the Continental Series for the year and followed the same format, with it being the final chance to qualify for PGC 2022. Soniqs had a strong Week 1 start with a 2nd place finish and a total of 138 points. Throughout their 15 games they managed to score 90 kills in-total. Week 2 Soniqs decided the week would be all business as they completely dominated the series. Not only did they come in 1st place for the week, but managed to land a staggering 103 kills. The week ended with Soniqs sporting a 61 point lead over second place, securing their position in the tournament as the reigning champions. With this final conquest in tow, the team locked in their qualification for PGC 2022.

PUBG Global Championship 2022, the most prestigious event of the year has come and gone. In total, 32 of the top teams from across the world assembled in Dubai for the chance to win their cut of the $2,000,000 prize pool and be crowned champions. Soniqs run through PGC started out more rough than they expected, finishing the Group Stage in 15th place. The team rebounded in Losers Bracket 1, placing top-6 and securing a spot in the second Losers Bracket. Unfortunately, the teams year came to an end in Losers Bracket 2 where they finished 14th.

All in all, this year was an excellent year of PUBG for Soniqs after adding two more championships to the trophy case. The team will spend the remainder of the year gearing up for what’s expected to be the biggest year of PUBG esports yet in 2023. Stay tuned to the Soniqs witter for more information on where you can catch them next.

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