Soniqs welcome new Director of Operations, Creative Director

This month Soniqs has expanded its leadership team with a new Director of Operations and Creative Director, both positions have been filled internally.

Luke Goodling will take on new responsibilities as the Director of Operations for the Soniqs. He was the 2nd employee to join the company upon inception and has since filled numerous roles within the company. Starting as a social media manager, Goodling went on to provide support in a number of areas within the company with a focus on content, social media and partnerships.

“I’m looking forward to taking on a bigger leadership role within the organization,” said Goodling. “We’re building something big with Soniqs, something I’m proud to be a part of.”

As Director of Operations, he’ll oversee and support all teams and departments within the organization. In addition to this, Goodling will work closely with Harrisburg University’s collegiate esports program the HU Storm. Given Soniqs close relationship with Harrisburg University, Goodling is creating an experiential learning program aimed at equipping students with the tools they need to be the next leaders in esports.

Anthony Porras will take charge of the organization’s branding and content strategy as the new Creative Director. Porras joined the company over a year ago as a video editor and has contributed to the organization’s branding and content. Previously working with teams like TSM, Cloud9 and Misfits, Porras brings a large range of expertise to the position.

“We believe strong branding and content is at the heart of every successful organization,” said Porras. “I’m ready to take on the challenge of accomplishing this with the Soniqs.”

Porras will also be involved with HU Storm as Soniqs’ Creative Director. He’ll provide new levels of content and content strategy to the collegiate program, heightening its presence in the collegiate esports space.

Both Goodling and Porras will be faced with new challenges as Soniqs welcome a potential sixth team to the organization…

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