The Soniqs have been busy since our last recap! With the addition of a new VALORANT team and winning the PGI.S championship last month, the Soniqs have had a strong start to 2021. Let’s get you up to speed with what happened this week.

Rainbow Six Siege

Starting off with Rainbow Six, the team had an exciting matchup against TSM. For the first time this year, the Soniqs pulled off a huge upset victory against the infamously skilled team, finishing off the game with a 8-7 score.

Upcoming this week for the team is Super Week, in which the team will play on Tuesday vs. BeastCoast, Wednesday vs. XSET and Thursday vs. Mirage. This is also the final week of the Rainbow Six NAL Stage 1.

So far, the team has more than exceeded expectations. They hold an impressive 5-1 record and are setting themselves up for a run for the playoffs. While this is the last week in NAL Stage 1, you can expect to see the team return for NAL Stage 2 later this Summer!


PUBG came out with a strong day one performance in the ESL Masters Group Stage. The team picked up two chicken dinners and 68 total points all in the one day. On the final day of the group stage, the team was met with some difficulties and only managed to put down 11 points across six games.

Despite struggling on three, the team managed to qualify for the ESL Masters Finals by just one point. Week 1 of the ESL Masters Finals will begin this Friday.


The VALORANT team competed in the Nerd Street Gamers Summer Championship Qualifiers 2 last week and managed to make it all the way to the grand finals against Renegades for the second week in a row. Yet, the team still struggled to find footing and were defeated 2-0 — losing Bind and Split 13-5 and 13-11 respectively.

The team also played in the VCT Stage 2 Thursday and Friday. Leading up to a match against TSM in the round of 16, the Soniqs hadn’t lost a map in VCT Stage 2. But, with an opponent as formidable as TSM, the team met their first real challenge. The series got off to a strong start, with the Soniqs picking up a 13-7 victory on Icebox. Despite this, TSM went on to win Ascent and Split 13-8 and 13-4. With the loss, the Soniqs drop out of VCT Stage 2 in the top-16. The team will return to action this week in the Knights tournament.

Rocket League

Most recently, the Soniqs competed in the RLCSX Spring Regional Event 2 and made top-8 for the Regional. On Championship Sunday, the team faced G2 Esports with the opportunity to advance to the semifinals before losing the best of 7 by a score of 4-1.

We also competed in the final regular season day of RLCSX  Spring: The Grid yesterday. On the day, we played 3 rounds against La Familia, Pittsburgh Knights and Kansas City Pioneers.  Round 1 we played against La Familia and pulled off a victory with a 3-1 score. Against the Pittsburgh Knights and the Kansas City Pioneers the team lost 3-0 in each series. All-in-all, the team had a difficult spring Grid performance despite finishing in the top-8 for each of the most recent Regionals. To end the Spring season of RLCSX, the team will compete in the final regional event beginning Thursday.

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